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24/7 Non-Stop Monitoring

Uptime360 provides you with the most versatile monitoring system covering all your needs. FTP, SFTP, SMTP, RADIUS, POP3, ICMP Ping, TCP/UDP Port, DNS Lookup and many more that you can seamlessly monitor with Uptime360.

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Detailed Log

Easily track the most recent behavior of servers over a network.

  • - Keep an eye on the most recent server status.
  • - Gives an overview of the servers' behavior.
  • - Observe the overall performance of your servers.
Using Software

Very easy to use and Customizable

  • - Helps you showcase your servers’ quality.
  • - Project specific monitoring.
  • - Options to check over different network protocols.
  • - Determine the checking frequency to your liking.
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Adjust alerts

Customize the handling of responses over a network.

  • - Determine the rate of occurrence a particular response which triggers an alert.
  • - Determine which of your team members will receive the alerts.

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