This page maps out objectives and the timeline of implementing features based on authority promises and user expectations. All the features mentioned below will be deployed to the platform gradually and will be sent newsletters to the users and subscribers. Features timeline will be separated by years. As the development or improvement is continuous, so if you got anything to suggest please do not hesiate to submit a feature request


freeRadius service monitoring

To monitor radius services using credentials in Check feature. ETA 20th Jul, 2020

Domain Expiration Monitoring

This will notify you at a preset time period prior to the domain's expiry. ETA 27th July, 2020


SSL Certificate Monitoring

It will monitor the validity and expiration of SSL/TLS certificates and will check the status of installed SSL/TLS certificates in your Web server. ETA 25th Aug, 2020

Monitor Location Choosing

This feature will allow you to choose monitor station location, so that you can check your services based on locations. ETA 4th Aug, 2020


API Monitoring

API Monitoring feature is designed to help you analyze the performance of your APIs, improve poorly performing APIs, check parameterized responses and more. ETA 28th Sep, 2020

Microsoft Windows OS agent development

Developing windows agent will help Uptime360 to reach another milestone which will allow its users to monitoring Windows servers seamlessly. ETA 9th Sep, 2020


Real time traffic monitoring

To make your website monitoring more enjoyable, Uptime360 has planned to offer real traffic monitoring on websites. ETA 24th Oct, 2020

Chrome browser extension

This add-ons will allow you to receive real time notifications on Chrome browser. ETA 6th Oct, 2020


Browser Add-ons/Extensions

Target is to cover all major browser for broadcasting notifications. continuous development

Extend notification channels

We will keep extending notification channels as much as we can. continuous development


IFTTT Integration

As you may already know, IFTTT offers great services for free to the users. Integrating this to Uptime360 will enrich notifications feature in most innovative way!

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