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Get real time notification into slack channels, twitter, pushover and email
Simplicity is prerequisite for reliability.  Hence, performance metrics are well structured with most user friendly and fast loading dashboard.

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UPTIME360 provides you with the most versatile monitoring system covering all your needs
Server Health & Performance Monitoring
Uptime360 offers the most cost effective server health and performance monitoring system. As well as down time notifications it will provide you with the full system performance and usage details of the server.
CPU Usage
Real time server CPU usage and load monitoring with detailed graphical report
RAM Usage
Server RAM usage monitor along with cache, buffer and swap memory usage
Disk Usage
Server disk usage monitor and inode usage. Also full server file system check
Network Speed
Server network speed, ping latency monitoring. All connection status checking
Running Processes
Monitor all the running processes of the server and show resource usage
Alerts & Incidents
User defined parameters are used to monitor incidents and send alerts
Website Up Time & Load Time Monitoring
Uptime360 offers the most versatile Website monitoring system. Along with Uptime reports it also generates a Load time report and user can set custom parameters for getting alerts.
HTTP Response code
Receive predefined notifications based on HTTP response code.
Load Time
Load time gets crucial often. Set your load time notification.
Search string
Confirm customer end experience by searching missing strings.
Downtime Alerts
User defined parameters are used to send alerts and email notifications.
Conditional Incidents
User can define the threshold that governs the occurrence of anomalies.
Detailed Log
An in-depth log of website up time, down time and performance is provided.
Network Service Monitoring
Monitor all your network services like HTTPS, FTP, SSH, DNS, SMTP, TCP and more to ensure a hassle free business and user experience.
HTTPS used for secure communication. Uptime360 monitoring any web resource delivered using HTTPS.
Uptime360 monitoring FTP server like availability, round-trip time, file upload time, file download time and response time.
it’s possible to login and monitors the uptime of servers through SSH type connections.

RDP is a secure network protocol designed for remote management, as well as for remote access to virtual desktops
The Domain Name System (DNS) is a distributed directory that resolves 
human-readable hostnames.
Uptime360 monitoring SMTP protocol used in sending e-mail.A test email will be sent and you will be alerted to any problems.
TCP(Transmission Control Protocol) is a network communication protocol designed to send data packets over the Internet.
UDP uses the Internet Protocol to get a data unit , from one device to another across a network. 

ICMP is a TCP/IP network layer protocol that provides troubleshooting, control and error message services.
Blacklist Monitoring
The blacklist monitoring will scan your mail server against more than 200 DNSBL (Often called Realtime blacklist, or RBL) providers. Confirming smooth delivery of emails is always tough and challenging job. If your mail server has been blacklisted, some email you send may not be delivered. Email blacklists are a common way of reducing spam. If you don’t know your mail server’s address, start with a MX Lookup or contact with us.

Services at a glance

Make informed decision with extensive data from every part of your website
Real User Monitoring
Advanced Check
Multi-user login
Data retention
Real-time reports
1 min interval
Unlimited contacts
Technical support
24/7 Monitoring
With our network of 60+ monitoring servers, test that your site is available from all over the world, as often as every minute.
Blacklist Check
Enhance your mail server’s ability by keeping yourself up to date with 100+ DNS based blacklists and ensure your emails get delivered.
 User Defined Alerts
We give you freedom to define the threshold of your server anomalies so that you only get the alerts that you really want to get.
Free Monitoring Tools
We also provide a few free tools to help anyone who want to do a blacklist check or want to run a quick check on their services
API Integration
Automate your uptime360 interactions with our REST API.
Slack Notification
Stand out with your web project showcase with ease.
Email Notification
Email warnings are incredible drivers of client commitment with SaaS applications. Be that as it may, not these messages are made equivalent. The best alarms pass on key data and make connection feel practically easy
Twitter Notification
Twitter notifications are updates and information sent to your Twitter Account, alerting you to what’s happening on Your Website.
Push Notification
Great push notifications can double retention rate and engage users
How uptime360 can work for you
See how uptime360 complete website monitoring platform can help you reach your website goals.

Real time server health monitoring
Website downtime alert and report
Performance tuning according to past incidents
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